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Piggies and the Wolf Online Slot Review

Playtech took most gamblers on a trip down memory lane by introducing the Piggies and the Wolf slot machine game in 2013. The popular little pig’s mythic was the inspiring story for the Playtech designers to power the free online slots. The fantasy of the storyline will be enjoyed only when you truly opt to play like the wolf that chases the three pigs in the casino game. The free slots no download no registration is needed, you are able to always access the demo games from different sites.
The free slots Piggies and the Wolf have 5 reels, with three little pigs, their house, A, Q, J, K and 10 as the icon occupying the slot machine game reels. The pigs appearing on the reels were designed by Playtech in normal cartoon version consisting of the Rasta pig, Hillbilly pig and Hip-hop pig. The Piggies and the Wolf free slots game may be used a minimum of $0. 01 to no more than $50 and has 50 paylines.
The free online slot machines have a distinctive intro whereby the Rasta pig is sitting in the home smoking and enjoying his favorite Jamaican beats while Hillbilly features a hoedown acquainted with Hip-hop piggy enjoying himself with hip-hop songs with the player acting such as the big bad wolf who, for sure, is visiting disrupt their peace.

Thrilling Features

The Playtech has two amazing features that a lot of players in Australia love and revel in with an exclusive bonus, jackpots and spins attached.

  • Huff N Puff: That is a shuffle feature that presents itself if the last reel is stacked with wolf symbols. The wolf exhausts this feature on all symbols around boosting payout for customers with better
  • Free Spins: The gambler can also be lucky to trigger a free spin if the scatter symbol lands on the first three ree You can attain up to fifteen free spins if lady luck is on your side. The greatest profits arrive if the wolf appears next to a pig which triggers a chase that will leave wild symbols offering multiple profits and payouts especially to those on a golden payline.

Bonuses that Help You Win

Players get a good deal of bonuses and jackpot opportunities that you ought to be cautious about. One of such opportunities comes if three wild symbols land on the first, middle, and last reels where players could be given nine huffs and puffs to blow down all three piggies’ houses.
If this feat is attained successfully by the player, each house was amazed would earn him a cash prize, if the player blows down two houses and is not able to defeat the last house or apartment with the three puffs offered on each house, the bonus is flagged off.

Playing the Free Slot Game

This Playtech video slot free play is by no means complicated if the player is aware of the famous story. Reading it helps you decipher why they used those symbols and makes it possible to catch the complete thrill and adventure the overall game offers.
But if you should be more interested in the amount of money and careless for fun and adventure of the games, you are able to go straight to gambling the same as in regular free slot games.

  • Pick the coin size you wish to stake with ranging from $0.01 to $50.
  • Autoplay is available on the platform. There is also a turbo mode option available.

Mobile Version

The slot game has an on the web presence with no mobile app; you are able to play Piggies And The Wolf at our internet site in a demo version. The overall game has good compatibility with smartphones, tablet and to find the best experience desktop computers.

Slot Game Design

Playtech video slot did incredible work by creating a 3D video slot, giving users an improved gaming experience with lots of thrilling actions. The game got its theme song from the three pigs and the wolfs cartoon movie.


The slot game is a bizarre creation from the Playtech Company which has gotten a whole lot of high ratings and reviews from Australian gamblers which can be into the game. Although the game bonuses are a little tricky, the James Dean inspired story Piggies and the Wolf on line slot isn't one any gambler should lose out on.