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Introducing Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Game

Jack and the Beanstalk is the new slot game created by NetEnt. Play through probably one of the most classic fairy tales imagined by the Brothers Grimm and discover great treasures awaiting you near the top of the ivy tower. This stunningly 3D animated adventure has you join Jack as he spins the reels to see how far he gets on the tower. Keep climbing to locate increasingly more money along the way. The 5×3 reel slot machine will have a total of 20 paylines for you yourself to win on. Find some nice collectables, and you can help Jack further in his adventure.

First Impression of Jack and the Beanstalk Online

NetEnt does everything that it may to simply help create a stunning and beautiful setting that does the classic story justice. From the 3D animation to the impressive visuals, every thing is made to pop out at you as you were watching a beloved children’s movie. Jack himself is given such fantastic and diverse expressions that he becomes completely memorable as soon as you play. The moving clouds, the shaking of the beanstalk, and the physical comedy all create something that has immense detail placed involved with it. Even the giant, who's the villain of the story, is given an original design to be purple with two large heads.

When you start the game, players will be shown the reels instantly. Every thing will get a forest-style theme with vines and plants surrounding the edges of the screen. The symbols themselves will even be provided with a medieval-style font with elemental accompaniment. The 3D design choices affect the visuals of combinations landed the spinning of the reels. This way, it provides a great immersion that doesn’t break apart for even the sparsest moment. Whenever you score a big win, be prepared to see some great visuals to go along with it.

Why Play Jack and the Beanstalk Slots?

There is no need to down load Jack and the Beanstalk to play. Simply, you need to press the button on the side to spin the reels and land the correct symbols to score combinations. The more of a sort you land, greater the payout will be. When you can land more combinations on multiple paylines, you can win multiple payouts on a single spin. The slot could have more options to win in the event that you land special symbols which will help achieve more winning opportunities. This consists of most free spins and multipliers to create the prizes bigger and give you more probability of landing combinations in the first place.

The RTP is calculated at around 96. 28%. This means that there may be a good chance of you being able to win back whatever you bet after a long amount of playtime. There is also a high volatility rating included as well. The guidelines are not too complicated to follow along with with simple Scatter and Wilds mechanics.

The Paytable for Jack and the Beanstalk Casino Game

If you wish to see what many of these symbols are worth, the paytable will do exactly that. This will show the precise worth of most symbols in the overall game. The total amount can change, however , to varied factors. First of all, how much money without a doubt will determine the sum total payouts you are able to win. If you change it out in the settings, the paytable changes also. Yet another thing may be the version you are playing, that may change the currency. The Australian version will use Australian currency, for instance. Depending on exactly how many symbols you land will determine the sum total payout. This is a representation of the table and what you can win with a bet of 20. 00:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
The basic paying symbols are the traditional card numbers found in most casinos online. These will be shown in medieval font and enveloped in vines, matching the aesthetic that surrounds them. 10: 3 – 30

J: 4 – 50

Q, K: 5 – 75

A: 6 – 100

The second tier of symbols originates from the various items located on the boy’s farm. They're the hatchet used to slice the beanstalk, the watering can to grow it, and the goat that was traded for the magic beans that started all of it. Watering Can: 8 – 125

Hatchet and the Goat: 10 – 250

The last tier of symbols is the two main characters of the story. They have been the hero Jack and the evil Giant that comes down the stalk. Both will reward big prizes for anyone that may land them. Giant: 15 – 750

Jack: 20 – 1,000

Bonus Features of Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Machine

With all its impressive visuals, the title has a lot to supply aswell when it comes to the bonus features. The program can be used to boost your gameplay like any other classic casino game. This is what you will probably find as you play:

  • The Wild is shown whilst the game’s logo. This will substitute any other symbol in the game and certainly will help fill out gaps for possible combinations.
  • Why is this Wild special is it is a Walking Wild. Which means that it could only appear on the first reel when landed. If won in a combination, a re-spin is triggered, and it surely will move onto another reel. Keep winning with the Wild, and it surely will keep allowing you to spin until it reaches the fifth and final reel. Multiple Walking Wilds may be initiated at any given time.
  • Landing the Treasure Collection will be your Scatter. This could unlock more special symbols for you to land and activate, shown as keys. Collecting a specific quantity of keys can trigger a different outcome.
  • 3 Keys unlock the Money Bags, which can turn your next Wild into a high-value symbol.
  • 6 Keys can unlock the Golden Hens, which can transform Wilds into big prizes.
  • 9 Keys will unlock the Golden Harp. This will expand Wilds to fit across the whole reels.

Tips and Strategies to Win

If you want to gain some practise beforehand, having a chance at the demo may not be a bad option. The free play version can be found on the official NetEnt site within a promotion. When you down load Jack and the Beanstalk, you can play and never have to spend any real cash. This lets you practice as much as you want and get the hang of all the many kinds of bonuses which may be utilized with the keys. Once you are all ready, you are able to down load the genuine article and begin playing.

The Keys will be your ticket to scoring the most possible jackpot. Over 3, 000 times your initial stake is shared if you're able to land all these bonuses in the proper order. Unlocking high-value symbols along with using as much Wilds to secure these combinations can only work if all bonuses have been activated simultaneously. Starting small with the Walking Wild often leads you up to the impressive amount. By pacing yourself accordingly, you can use big bets on better opportunities.

The Game Software Provider

NetEnt has always had an excellent eye for bringing most of these fantastic fairy tales into the online casino industry using their impressive technology to bring it all alive in a distinctive and incredible way. The animation and visual presentation are all because of the wondrous technological developments that NetEnt has focused on. It generates games that can rival any provider in the business through its great portfolio of premium content and outstanding connections to top-tier casinos.


If you want a free 3d slots no downloads with bonus rounds which has a high budget and loads of presentation, this game can provide you all that and more. It’s easy to learn, and bonuses have far more detail. Over all, it has been given the total treatment, which is sure to become as memorable as a number of the top slot machines available. It can grant you big winnings with an enjoyable time whilst doing this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jack And The Beanstalk

Where can I play for free?
You'll find the free version of the overall game on any select review site or on the state NetEnt webpage.
Are there any jackpots?
Most of the big winnings are scored through the bonuses, but none offer any instant jackpot prize from by simply themselves.
How many bonuses are there?
There are three varied bonuses that you can initiate utilising the Scatter Keys. Collect the keys after the Walking Wild has already reached the finish.
Can you play on mobile?
NetEnt has introduced Jack and the Beanstalk Touch, which will be the exclusive mobile version of the game, which can be played on smaller devices.