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Battle Tanks Online Slot Overview

Battle Tanks slot brings war at your doorsteps, and you had better put on your armor. Evoplay has been generous in its delivery of exciting games, and Battle Tanks is a confirmation that the developer has gone out to beat the best. Your role will be to destroy the enemy tanks, which really is a captivating encounter as much as it is profitable. Lovers of action movies have an opportunity to simulate their particular activities to defeat the enemy and grab a big win.
Battle Tanks casino game introduces you to an atmosphere where you encounter real battlefield combat. It's filled with action, as the slot features machine guns and tanks. The action is intense, as you should be thoroughly engaged and dedicated to winning the overall game.

The Themes and Gameplay

If you lose a little bit of concentration, the enemy crashes you. As you launch the game, you will be amazed at the graphics with that the battlegrounds have already been developed. You immediately enter the mood of war whilst the 3D tanks roll in the background. One of the motivating factors is that the provider launched the overall game using top quality mechanics.
During game time, you will be mistaken to imagine that you're at the war front. All you have to will be careful not to crash your screen since the thrill is indeed overwhelming. The overall game is suitable for every player, whether you are seasoned or a beginner. When you yourself have always held the desire to become listed on the armed forces, the Battle Tanks casino game provides you with a taste of life down there in the trenches. In addition to the entertainment that the game offers, players have an opportunity to enjoy some lucrative rewards.

The Features to Look Out for and the Payouts

Battle Tanks free slot game is built with 5 reels and 3 rows, and gamers can place their bets on 9 paylines. As you open up to the overall game, you encounter a serene theme, simplifying military aggression. The underlying concept is for you really to have a feel of a global that's been ravaged by war.
Without doubt that the sombre mood will trigger your nerves to find yourself in the action. Do you remember the next World War? If not, the epic fight with heavy military artillery in this slot will remind you of the harsh and devastating consequences that humanity had to endure during those times.

High and Low Paying Symbols

Before you play the Battle Tanks slot game, you must understand a number of the symbols and characters that you will come across in the overall game. The high paying symbols include an antiaircraft gun, a huge truck, and a huge tank. Low-value symbols include golden card icons encrypted in a black backdrop on the overall game screen. Other symbols include a military emblem and a military badge.
Battle Tanks slots can run using all sorts of devices, including mobile. Which means you can run the game from any location. The beauty of gaming is flexibility, and there's nothing much better than drawing your phone in the middle of the pack to enhance your moment. If you're at your office desk, you can have a break from your regular schedule to destroy some tanks on your desktop and win some cash rewards whether you play no download for free or real money.
The RTP of the game is 93. 90%, which is rather low, but you'll recognize that the accompanying prizes are much larger than this thought.

Benefits of the Battle Tanks, Wild Symbols, and Free Spins

There is no doubt that this slot was meant to favor the player, owing to the numerous benefits.


The wild symbol is represented by a special military badge. During gameplay, you'll find it on the first, third, and fifth reels. It plays the role of substituting other regular symbols to produce more winning chances. But it generally does not substitute the scatter, which can be represented by army emblems.

Scatter and Free Spins

Scatter features a significant role in the overall game. And you ought to watch out for it to earn your self handsome prizes. As an example, in the event that you land two scatters on a payline, the device rewards you. However , you'll be in for a hefty cash prize if you manage five scatters on a single winning line. Actually no tank might carry the complete of it.
In addition , a person who lands three or maybe more scatter symbols is eligible to a 3x multiplier and 15 free play spins. Consequently , you will be fully guaranteed thrice your wager if luck knocks at your doorstep. Just in case you land 5 scatters, yet another 500x your wager will be added to your account.

Bonus Game

There's a bonus game which allows you going to some tanks until you crash the main one with a “collect” function. This feature pops up when you earn bonus tiles upon the second third and fourth reels. Utilize it to collect additional rewards from the game.

Win a Whopping Jackpot of 250,000

One more benefit includes the bonus game. Here, you need to trigger the bonus tiles which appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. All you have to complete is always to crash multiple tanks, but one of them includes a “collect” function that terminates the bonus game in the event that you hit it.
Battle Tanks on the web slot comes with a jackpot of 250, 000 coins. This is the highest amount that you can win if all combinations of high-value symbols and max bet favor you. Whilst it looks pretty impressive, you might need special intervention to win that amount. Which means that any player who aspires to win a jackpot must work with precision and betting skills.

Winning Strategies and Tips for Both Beginners and Expert Players

That is an everyday slot with 5 reels, meaning you'll have no trouble with the simplicity of the overall game. With all of your devices, log in to the site and set your bet limit. The screen has all the controls that may help you to modify.
The betting range is favorable, with at the least 0. 1 coins and at the most 500 coins. It doesn’t matter the state of your bankroll, Battle Tanks casino game has you covered, and you will see that there's a chance to relish in great moments even though you have an unfavorable group of finances.
Once you are done with the bet limits, you simply set the reels rolling by pressing the spin button.
Instead, the Battle Tanks video slot comes with an autoplay function where a Australian player does not have to physically press the buttons. This is a fascinating feature because you are able to just set the number of spins watching the overall game. However , if you love the hands-on experience, just take control.

  • Battle Tanks Is a Medium Variance Slot

Which means you will earn little rewards in lots of rounds, but huge ones will come in some instances. The key to making a larger fortune is based on the size of gameplay.
Play for most hours as you place little wagers. In the preliminary stages, you could be discouraged since the rewards are too small for your expectations. Eventually, you could just realize that it absolutely was worth the wait when you record among your hefty wins.
Never worry about the source of your wagers since there are free spins which can be given regularly. For example, if a player earns 15 free spins, they are able to run these with just one bet. Among most of the spins, the possibilities are that the player will get some more bonuses to place back as wagers.

  • Always Be on the Look-Out for High Paying Symbols

The worth of gaming is to make the best from the game. However , if you should be inclined towards entertainment, there's no necessity to value the symbols to use.
High-value symbols may possibly lead you to earn a jackpot, which will be truly a life-changing amount. If you're a beginner, you almost certainly have little experience in gaming. For that reason place little wagers with money that you will be ready to lose.
This is a game title of gambling with two outcomes. Just in case you lose, it will not be a problem to worry you. Instead, you are able to adopt the autoplay mode as your regular option because it does not involve an excessive amount of your skills.
Therefore, be careful when you chose an online casino in Australia and pick a welcome promotion.

  • Master the Skill of Precision

Remember that this slot introduces you to the battlefield, where you simply take up the role of a soldier. In the real world, a soldier needs to be an exact individual because the duties involve hitting the enemy within the shortest time, using minimal resources. In the same manner, you have to be precise while launching gunfire so that you win more rewards by crashing the aggressor.

About the Software Provider – Evoplay

Evoplay coined its name from the phrase evolution, implying that the company’s goal was to transform the gaming industry. It had been founded in 2017 to provide solutions and integrated products for this industry. Today, you will find millions of world wide clients that contribute to its offers. Although the main office is based in Ukraine, there are numerous others around the globe, including Malta and great britain.
Even though Evoplay started off as a provider for games, the provider has since diversified in to other businesses. A few of the new ventures include traffic management, finance analytics, payment services, mathematics solutions, and multiplatform CMS.
Other games made available from this provider include Dolphin’s Treasure which comes with a theme of the ocean where one plays with dolphins underneath the sea. Secondly is Sindbad, which really is a slot involving a sailor. Naughty Girls Cabaret is quite based on mature content where sensual girls appear on the reels. Lastly is Legends of Ra the place where a player embarks on a journey to find out the secrets of ancient Egypt.


Battle Tanks video slot is an exciting game that is full of action. It provides you the real essence of gaming. Besides entertainment, you are able to enjoy mouth-watering bonuses and cash rewards. Grab the possibility, play a free demo, and feel the buzz about pulling the trigger on our website today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Battle Tanks

Can I drive some of the tanks in this game?
Yes, you can get a chance to feel the air of a real battlefield in the bonus game.
What is the maximum amount of money that I can earn?
The maximum amount is represented by the jackpots, whose value is 250,000 coins.
Is it possible to play Battle Tanks slot on mobile?
Yes. If you have reliable internet, you can run the game instantly from your mobile device. However , you don't have to down load Battle Tanks slot.